General conditions of purchase



The order constitutes a purchase contract and its acceptance entails on the part of the supplier the obligation to comply with the general and special conditions of this order.

Except in the case of any special agreements stipulated in our orders, the prices indicated are considered firm and non-revisable and are for goods delivered to our factories.


Unless otherwise stipulated in our orders, goods shall be delivered to our workshops in Bar-le-Duc. No delivery is accepted on Friday afternoon or Saturday. A delivery note must be attached to each shipment.


Delivery times indicated on our orders are for goods received in our workshops. Should the deadlines not be respected, we reserve the right to cancel our order.


The receipt of deliveries will be confirmed in our workshops. Goods must be delivered only in accordance with the quantities referred to in the order, any surplus may be returned carriage forward. The amount of goods rejected by our supervisors will be charged to the supplier who must take delivery within eight days. If necessary, we reserve the right after clarification to return to the supplier any unsatisfactory goods at his own expense.


Invoices must include the number and date of our order. They must be sent in two copies to our offices in Bar-le-Duc.
Any retention of title clause in your acknowledgment of receipt or invoice shall be deemed unwritten.


Invoices shall be settled in favour of a supplier who has signed the purchase contract constituting the order. Any payment made to a third party other than the supplier will be subject to a management fees amounting to 1% of the invoice amount or a minimum of 100 € Euros.


All invoices, unless otherwise agreed, will be paid 45 days at end of the month on the 15th of the following month. Any invoice received after the 10th of the month will have a value date as of the following month.


In the event of dispute, the only jurisdiction recognized and accepted on both sides is that of the Commercial Court of Bar-le-Duc. The conditions indicated on the letters of our suppliers are valid with respect to us only if we have explicitly accepted them. Any conditions printed or handwritten on the invoices, if they are different from those on our purchase order, will be considered null and void.


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