LDSA, the French leader, Designer and Manufacturer of the Water Jet Cutting Centre, presents its High Precision Model, type “LCJET III” 3 or 5 axes.
The system is based on a homogenous and user-friendly assembly which uses all the current state-of-the-art techniques.

The stainless steel and modular Housing + Chassis are well adapted to the teaching environment and environmental concerns in the workshop!

The assembly is driven by a latest generation CNC FANUC (No.1 Global) allowing ease of use and offering a previously unequalled level of Reliability and Precision. The very high pressure water supply (4000B – 6200B), is supplied by a BFT pump (European No. 1) or KMT (No.1 Global).

The Human/Machine interface is customizable, like the CNC, it is fully programmed internally by our Design Office, and managed under Windows 10. The system is intended to operate autonomously

The numerous sensors allow control and remote control of the system via a computer network and via the internet.

The equipment is very compact and uses only high quality mechanical and electrical components for increased reliability.

  • Unique 5-axis head concept that allows high precision 2.5D or 3D cutting while maintaining the precision and functionalities of a 2D system.
  • Precise head adjustment and positioning Angle correction.
  • Ease of use
  • Turnkey delivery of complete equipment Quick installation on site (2 days for the standard model included in the price).
  • MODULAR machine.
  • Multi-Materials Cutting with Abrasive or without (Pure Water) 3 or 5 axes. Up to 2 cutting heads.
  • High quality and high precision cutting.
  • Unique machine concept entirely in stainless steel, Housing + Chassis.
  • FREE and UNLIMITED training at LDSA.
  • Compact range, with useful cutting stroke ranging from 1m x 1m to 1.10m x 1.20m.

  • 3 X/Y/Z axis digitised and simultaneous, Z axis can vary during cutting.

  • Digital servo + servo motors + motion control provided by 1 million point absolute encoders, high speed servo bus controlling I/O and fibre optic link between HMI and CNC.

  • CNC FANUC series 0i OPEN version.

  • FANUC Beta series motors.

  • CNC with integrated PC, 400 GB hard drive and CAD.

  • Abrasive Feed System – AFS, specific LDSA brand with capping detection, lack of abrasive detection, and CNC controlled dispenser (calibration +/- 5%).

  • Aligned Auto Cutting Head, with Diamond Nozzle.

  • Height/Flatness Sensor, as Standard.

  • Equipped with Shower + Air Nozzle as Standard.

  • Machine control console with 15 “high definition touch screen, casters, and waterproof keypad.

  • Prismatic Linear Guidance with Pre-stressed Slides with Zero Gap for X, Y and Z

  • Axis Double-Toothed Inclined Gear

  • Transmission and slack adjustment for X and Y

  • Y. Ball screw transmission for the Z axis.

  • Complete guiding and housing protection with baffles against abrasives.

  • Compact and specially developed machine frame designed to meet water jet constraints: Optimized Upper Housing, stainless steel and aluminium assembly.

  • Complete stainless steel housing with servo-assisted sliding door on the front of the machine.

  • Electrical cabinet built into the machine frame.

  • 304L Stainless Steel Independent Cutting Tray


  • HP pump with power ranging from 15HP to 125HP, complete, display, digital manometers, continuous pressure control from 500 to 4150B, and up to 6200B with specific pump.

  • Common management of the Table/Pump/Abrasive Feed System/Abrasive Disposal/Wastewater Filtration assembly.

  • CAD/CAM system with Fall Management, and Material Nesting/Optimization, in Automatic mode.

  • Sensors, alarms with history and maintenance management with HMI.

  • ASRS Automatic Sludge Removal System, with BIG BAG guaranteeing the suction of abrasive residues as well as the filtration of wastewater (option).

  • Automatic lubrication of the axes (guides and drives), guided and controlled by the CNC

  • Remote maintenance and Automatic fault sending by email as Standard.

  • 24 month guarantee

  • Cutting speed limited to 20 000 mm/min.


  • Repeatability: +/- 0.02 mm.

  • Absolute precision: +/- 0.03 mm.


Thanks to the new LCJET III 5X (3D) and 5X ACTIVE (2.5D) series cutting tables, water jet cutting the technology can now extend its range of applications and achieves previously unattainable performance levels.

The main feature of the LCJET III 5-axis is the addition of two rotary cutting head movements to the 3 traditional Cartesian axes. The System also uses a probe.

The 5 X/Y/Z/A/C axis are digitised and simultaneous. (A and C drive head rotation and inclination). The useful cutting stroke in Z is increased to 350mm, for increased ergonomics.

In this way, the jet can cut in all directions, the axis A being limited electronically to 45° electronically for safety reasons (+/- 90° possible). This guarantees a high level of precision and also allows the use of the 2D system with the same performance and the same costs as a traditional 3-axis machine.

Finally, the use of the 5 axes allows for automatic angle compensation and perfect geometry, at higher speeds than with a 3-axis model.


LCJET III 10.10 – 3 axis

  • Digitised X-axis: 1000 mm
  • Digitised Y axis: 1000 mm
  • Digitised Z axis: 200 mm

LCJET III 10.10 5 axis

  • Digitised X-axis: 1000 mm
  • Digitised Y axis: 1000 mm
  • Digitised Z axis: 350 mm
  • A-axis stroke: -45°/+45° (+/- 90° possible)
  • C axis stroke: -180° / +380°

LCJET III 12.12 3 axes

  • Digitised X-axis: 1200 mm
  • Digitised Y axis: 1100 mm
  • Digitised Z axis: 200 mm

LCJET III 12.12 5 axes

  • Digitised X-axis: 1200 mm
  • Digitised Y axis: 1100 mm
  • Digitised Z axis: 350 mm
  • A-axis stroke: -45°/+45° (+/- 90° possible)
  • C-axis stroke: -180°/+380°

Please visit the relevant page on our website for more information.


All other options are possible on this model, EXCEPT:

  • BIZONE work plan
  • Additional Bridge
  • 4th Rotation Axis
  • Easy management via the Windows® 7 PRO application.

  • Networking possible (Server).

  • 3D graphic function.

  • Powerful backups.

  • Internet connection as Standard.

  • WebCam optional.



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Useful strokes (X mm x Y mm x Z mm)Mini1000x1000x2001700x3300x2001000x1000x1501200x1100x200
Overall dimensions (X mm x Y mm)Mini2000x20004140x57002000x20002270x2680
5 Axis 3D head (Z=350mm)Yes (Option)NoNoYes (Option)
5 Axis head ACTIVE 2,5D (Z=200mm)Yes (Option)Yes (Standard)NoYes (Option)
Displacement in Z= 500mm Or Z= 750mmYes (Option)NoNoYes (Option)
Number of Heads / Maximum Point (On Independent Trolley)4122
Maximum number of bridges4211
Height / Flatness SensorYesYesYes (Option)Yes
Abrasive Feeder Driven by the CNC, with SensorsYesYesYes (Option)Yes
Touch Screen (Control Panel)YesYesNoYes
Maximum Possible Pressure (Bar)6200620041506200
Maximum movement speed (m/min)50403050
Positioning accuracy (+/- mm)0,0250,030,050,03
Repeatability (+/- mm)0,01250,020,050,02
Standard load accepted by the table (Kg/m²)1000100010001000
Load accepted by the table - Option 2T/m² or 3T/m²Yes (Option)Yes (Option)NoNo
Diameter of the nozzle (mm)Mini0,080,080,080,08
AUTOMATIC Variation of the water level INTEGRATED to the machine Tray (Ballast)Yes (Option)YesNoYes (Option)
Manual Variation of the EXTERNAL Water Level tot the Machine Tray (External Vessel - Possible later installation) Yes (Option)NoYes (Option)Yes (Option)
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