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For more than 30 years, environmental protection has been at the heart of LDSA’s concerns.
Today, in view of the climate emergency, we want to go further and act to rebuild ecosystems

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At heart of LDSA technology is water. This natural element enables us to cut the most resistant of materials in an ecologically friendly way, low in energy without the addition of polluting products.

Water, a natural element and essential to all life, possesses extraordinary strength. Indeed, over thousands of years, its power has shaped the most incredible landscapes. It is this power that LDSA is putting at your disposal with its waterjet cutting machines.
Since water lies at the heart of LDSA technology, its responsible management must be at the forefront of our interests. In fact the water jet cutting system developed by LDSA allows reduced water consumption with maximum efficiency. This is achieved by special pumps which can compress water up to a pressure of 6200 bar. Moreover, LSDSA technology does not require the use of a large volume of water to cut all types of materials (from the softest to hardest) even at great thicknesses.
Ultra High Pressure water offers incomparable power. When compared to laser cutting it offers a cold cutting property that respects and preserves the molecular structure of the parts being cut. This cutting process does not use chemicals. Therefore, it emits no toxic fumes into the air that could harm the environment or the health of personnel.
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Water and land are intimately linked. These two natural elements complement each other to form ecosystems, and habitat conducive to life. If the use of water is our profession, we want to act to support reforestation.

More than at any time before, the climate emergency is a reality.
So what are we going to do ? How can we act ? At what level ?
Everyone has their role to play, including companies like ours. Following the growth in fires all around world, large-scale deforestation and the diseases that beset our forests, we want to act.
We have therefore decided to offset CO2 emissions linked to the transport of LDSA Water Jet Cutting Centres. We will do this by purchasing “Certified Carbon Credits”. and we will go even further. Our design office have done their calculations based on the number of machines produced each year and the discharges from our 19T heavyweight, we have decided that the planting of 5 to 6 trees per delivered machine will be required to make this offset (Source ADEME).  
Bearing this in mind, we have voluntarily chosen to go much further than just mere compensation alone. Every time we deliver a water jet cutting machine, we promise to plant 10 trees in France close to our production site. What’s more, if you subscribe to our maintenance contract, we will plant 2 additional trees every time maintenance is carried out by our technicians, throughout the lifespan of your LDSA cutting machine.
While French forests have not suffered from deforestation, they are subject to storms, fires, diseases and even droughts. In addition, since 2000 they have had to put up with reduced levels of plantation. These challenges are a threat to the natural regeneration of our forests. This is why we have chosen to act at the local level, in order to perpetuate French forests and make sure they remain :
> Our allies in the fight against global warming and for the development of biodiversity.
> Levers for sustainable energy transition through the responsible collection and recycling of wood.



Reforest’Action has been working since 2010 to support reforestation in France and around the world. Through its projects, Reforest’Action is contributing to the development of the local economy, the restoration of the environment and the protection of biodiversity.

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In order to implement our commitment, we turned to a company which has developed a reforestation solution for both individuals and professionals. Quite naturally we chose Resforest’Action, a reforestation organisation which has been active since 2010 in France and abroad.
A Certified B Corporation, Reforest’Action is a social enterprise established in 2010 by Stéphane Hallaire Its primary mission is to raise awareness and act to support forests. Indeed, forests are proving to be the best solution to meet the main global challenges for the future of humanity: climate change and the erosion of biodiversity. Over the past 10 years, Reforest’Action has :
> Planted more than 10 million trees.
> Brought together more than 150,000 planters on their site – reforestaction.com.

> Raised awareness concerning the challenges of the forest among more than 20 million people.

> Generated a positive impact on the living conditions of more than 150,000 people worldwide.

Even before planting, the choice of species, soil analysis and land preparation are carried out under the supervision of forestry experts accompanied by technical specialists. After the trees have been planted, these same experts continue to monitor their development and welfare every year. If they die off during their first year, the trees are replaced by new ones.

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